Delta Sigma Pi

Professional Business Fraternity


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The Kappa Tau Chapter understands the importance of Clemson faculty in our successes inside and outside of the classroom. Each semester we appreciate our faculty in several ways, as well as initiating a few. As a faculty initiate, you enjoy the benefits of access to national professional development conferences, connection to Delta Sigma Pi’s extensive international network, the ability to connect with and mentor promising young business students and the opportunity to have considerable influence on the business and community leaders of tomorrow.

Our chapter has over 20 faculty initiates, including:

Tom Zagenczyk, Management

Dr. Larry Fredendall, Management

Dr. Angela Morgan, Finance

Dr. Kerri McMillan, Finance

Dr. Jack Wolf, Finance

Virginia Ward-Vaughn, Legal Studies

Dr. Patricia Knowles, Marketing

James Gaubert, Marketing

Dr. Nancy Harp, Accounting

Carter McElveen, Marketing

Dr. Anastasia Thyroff, Marketing

Russell Madray, Accounting

Terry Knause, Accounting

Col. Sandy Edge, College of Business Advisor

Dr. McCormick, College of Business Dean

Dr. Delancy Bennett, Marketing

Dr. Gary Hunter, Marketing

Hope Parnell, Management

Dr. Mary Anne Raymond, Marketing

Dr. Jeremy Vinson, Accounting

Dr. Denny Lester, Watt Center

Lee Ferrell, Language and International Trade

Sarah Martin, Accounting 

Reed Watson, Economics