Delta Sigma Pi

Professional Business Fraternity

Meet the Officers

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Meet the Officers

Position: President
Name: Parker Tilley
Major: Finance & Accounting
Hometown: Winston Salem, NC
Pledge Class: Fall 2016
Previous Positions: Director of IT, VP of Professional Activities, VP of Finance
Future Plans: I have interned with American Airlines and Suntrust Robinson Humphrey, both of which provided excellent opportunities to see what it was like to work in industry. Following graduation I will more than likely be in Charlotte or Atlanta, and look forward to making definite plans soon.

Position: Senior Vice President
Name: Sydney Puffer
Major: Marketing & Accounting
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Pledge Class: Fall 2015
Previous Positions: Director of Public Relations/Historian
Future Plans: I'm interning at Elliott Davis in Greenville this summer in their tax accounting department. After graduation in May 2019, I plan to take the CPA exam and see where life takes me.

Position: Vice President of Pledge Education
Name: Megan Quinan
Major: Accounting & Finance
Hometown: Commack, NY
Pledge Class: Spring 2017
Previous Positions: Pledge Assistant
Future Plans: After graduation, I hope to be working in the New York City area.

Position: Vice President of Chapter Operations
Name: Jen Greenfield
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Avon, CT
Pledge Class: Spring 2016
Previous Positions: Director of IT
Future Plans: After graduation, I hope to pursue a career in the sports industry.

Position: Vice President of Finance
Name: Alexandra Dawes
Major: Financial Management & Accounting
Hometown: Mooresville, NC
Pledge Class: Fall 2016
Future Plans: I will be participating in the Consumer Lending Internship Program at Wells Fargo during the summer of 2018. I plan to graduate in May of 2020 and then pursue a career in corporate finance (hopefully in Boston or NYC).

Position: Chancellor
Name: Brooke West
Major: Marketing Minor: Political Science
Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Pledge Class: Spring 2017
Previous Positions: VP of Financial Development
Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to attend law school in Virginia and eventually work to fight for social justice initiatives (i.e. women's rights, civil rights, children's law, etc.).

Position: Vice President of Professional Activities
Name: Lauren Ervin
Major: Accounting
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
Pledge Class: Spring 2017
Future Plans: I will be interning with SunTrust in the Wholesale Development Program this upcoming summer.

Position: Vice President of Community Service
Name: Jessica Cole
Major: Economics and Language & International Trade - French
Hometown: Chapin, SC
Pledge Class: Fall 2017
Future Plans: Still undecided about plans after graduation

Position: Vice President of Alumni Relations
Name: Emily Simpson
Major: Marketing Minor: Brand Communication
Hometown: Chapin, SC
Pledge Class: Spring 2017
Previous Positions: Director of PR
Future Plans: Still figuring out my future plans, but one of my dreams is to work in advertising for the fashion industry or in some career where I can be creative.

Position: Vice President of Financial Development
Name: Sean Larkin
Major: Financial Management
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Pledge Class: Fall 2017
Previous Positions: Director of Athletics
Future Plans: Still undecided at the moment about future plans after graduation.

Position: Director of Ethics and Compliance
Name: Christian Jones
Major: Economics & Political Science
Hometown: Fort Mill, SC
Pledge Class: Fall 2016
Future Plans: Still undecided about plans after graduation.

Position: Vice President of Faculty Relations
Name: Grace Hickman
Major: Management
Pledge Class: Spring 2016
Future Plans: Still undecided about future plans after graduation.

Position: Director of Public Relations/Historian
Name: Eileen Flood
Major: Economics
Hometown: Jersey City, NJ
Pledge Class: Spring 2017
Previous Positions: Director of IT, VP of Scholarship and Awards
Future Plans:  I plan on studying strategic communication in Germany this May, and then intern for the remainder of the summer.

Position: Director of Information Technology
Name: Kellie Rooney
Major: Marketing Minor: General Communication
Hometown: Smithtown, NY
Pledge Class: Spring 2018
Future Plans: I'm still undecided about the future, but I hope to be working in Human Resources after graduation.

Position: Vice President of Special Events/Social Chair
Name: Wil Niesen
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Pledge Class: Fall 2016
Previous Positions: VP of Scholarships and Awards
Future Plans: I hope to work in market research within a major music label, preferably working with international album and tour rollouts.

Position: Director of Athletics
Name: Austin Kramer
Major: Finance
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Pledge Class: Spring 2018
Future Plans: Still undecided about future plans at the moment.


Position: Vice President of Scholarships and Awards
Name: Jackie Mauro
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Red Bank, NJ
Pledge Class: Spring 2016
Previous Positions: VP of Financial Development, VP of Special Events/Social Chair
Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to be involved with either brand management or advertising.