Delta Sigma Pi is a professional business fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.

Our members strive to live up to the purpose of our Fraternity by representing the organization as leaders in our community, classrooms, and in the workforce. Kappa Tau is one of over 300 collegiate chapters in the nation and is a well-known chapter in our region for professional leadership and service. This semester we have over 90 active brothers who are continuously growing professionally to represent themselves and this organization well.

We are looking forward to the coming semester, and welcome all business majors to join us for our recruitment season beginning in September. If you are interested in becoming a member and learning more about what we do here at Clemson, feel free to contact me at president.dspkt@gmail.com.


Bri Spalaris
President, Spring 2020


Each year, Delta Sigma Pi strives to be a Chapter of Excellence by going above and beyond the normal chapter requirements. Brothers are driven by enthusiasm, charisma, and a genuine care for all aspects of the fraternity. Below are a few of the awards we have received that we are most proud of:

  • R. Nelson Mitchell Outstanding Chapter, 2014-2015, Southern Province
  • Bylli Daniels - District Director of the Year, 2014-2015 Southeastern Region
  • Outstanding Alumni Relations, 2014-2015, Southeastern Region
  • Outstanding Scholastic Development, 2014-2015, Southeastern Region
  • Outstanding Alumni Relations for a Collegiate Chapter, 2014-2015, Southern Province
  • Outstanding Service, 2014-2015, Southeastern Region
  • Outstanding Financial Operations, 2014-2015, Southeastern Region


Position: President
Name: Bri Spalaris
Major: Marketing
Hometown: ​​​​​​​Pittsburgh, PA

Position: Senior Vice President
Name: Amanda Billings
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Cypress, Texas

Position: Vice President of Pledge Education
Name: Wil Niesen
Major: Marketing Minor: Brand Communications
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Position: Vice President of Chapter Operations
Name: Makenna Leyden
Major: Marketing Minor: Brand Communications
Hometown: Centennial, CO

Position: Vice President of Finance
Name: Jack Lillig
Major: Financial Management
Hometown: "Chicago", IL

Position: Vice President of Professional Activities
Name: Sean Larkin
Major: Financial Management
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Position: Vice President of Community Service
Name: Michelle Leahy
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Position: Vice President of Alumni Relationships
Name: Joe Marinaccio
Major: Financial Management Minor: Political Science
Hometown: Briarcliff Manor, NY

Position: Director of Ethics & Compliance
Name: Jessica Cole
Major: Spanish & International Business & Economics
Hometown: Chapin, SC

Position: Vice President of Faculty Relations
Name: Madison Hartsock
Major: Marketing
Hometown: ​​​​​​​Morristown, TN

Position: Vice President of Public Relations/Historian
Name: Kelly Cherry
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Chester Springs, PA

Position: Director of Information Technology
Name: Jacob Sargent
Major: Economics Minor: Computer Science and Political Science and German
Hometown: Aiken, SC

Position: Vice President of Special Events/Social Chair
Name: Kellie Rooney
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Long Island, NY

Position: Director of Athletics
Name: Pepper Kolman
Major: Economics
Hometown: Lynchburg, VA

Position: Vice President of Scholarships and Awards
Name: Emily Boose
Major: Management
Hometown: Hillsborough, NJ


The Kappa Tau Chapter understands the importance of Clemson faculty in our successes inside and outside of the classroom. Each semester we appreciate our faculty in several ways, as well as initiating a few. As a faculty initiate, you enjoy the benefits of access to national professional development conferences, connection to Delta Sigma Pi’s extensive international network, the ability to connect with and mentor promising young business students and the opportunity to have considerable influence on the business and community leaders of tomorrow.

Our chapter has over 30 faculty initiates, including:

Dr. Tom Zagenczyk, Management
Dr. Larry Fredendall, Management
Dr. Angela Morgan, Finance
Dr. Kerry McMillan, Finance
Dr. Jack Wolf, Finance​​​​​​​
Virginia Ward-Vaughn, Legal Studies
Dr. Patricia Knowles, Marketing
James Gaubert, Marketing
Dr. Nancy Harp, Accounting
Carter McElveen, Marketing
Dr. Anastasia Thyroff, Marketing
Russell Madray, Accounting
Terry Knause, Accounting
Col. Sandy Edge, College of Business Advisor
Dr. McCormick, College of Business Dean
Dr. Delancy Bennett, Marketing
Dr. Gary Hunter, Marketing
Hope Parnell, Management
Dr. Mary Anne Raymond, Marketing
Dr. Jeremy Vinson, Accounting
Dr. Denny Lester, Watt Center
Lee Ferrell, Language and International Trade
Sarah Martin, Accounting 
Reed Watson, Economics 
Dr. Jeffrey McMillan, Accounting
Bill Tumblin, Business 1010
Dr. Angela Morgan, Finance
Dr. Daniel Green, Finance
Dr. Scott Swain, Marketing
Lynn Martin, Accountancy and Finance
Dr. Helen Diamond-Steele, Director of Office of Student Enrichment
Jim Liddle, Management
Scott Baier, Economics
Dr. Matt Hersel, Management
Leah Hughes, Assistant Director of Career & Professional Programs